Wednesday, 22 June 2016

5 things you should know about Welcome to the Wallops.

Things you should know about The Wallops.

1- It’s a contemporary romance. I haven’t written one of those since forever, they tend to bore me as there’s no werewolves, ghosts, or villainy. In fact, the only other contemp rom I’ve written was my debut novel Falling Star, everything else has been tampered with werewolves, ghosts, and villainy.

2- Welcome to the Wallops is in the ‘girl-meets-girl-loses-girl-meets-girl again-hates girl-but secretly falls in love with her’ category. It’s about ‘exes-who-hexes’ each other (I renamed the category). I used the ‘exes-who-hexes’ theme before in Erosistible. This clicked with me to the extent that I backfilled Renata and Jane's history and made them guests at the Villa Eros when Benny lost her mind (literally) over her ex, Winifred. It was strangely satisfying to have a crossover point in my little literary universe. A six degrees of separation for my characters.

3 - I loved the world building of the valley with its villages and communities so much that I decided to make this a short series so I could visit there again. It’s a selfish tourism, I know. The trade-off is you get another book and find out more about the secret of St. Poe while I get to wallow in the East Sussex scenery, a county I lived in for over ten years.

4 - Welcome to the Wallops is also a rom-com. It's carefree and delightful (like the mind that created it). I can’t help it. I see the ridiculous in everything. It’s the giggler’s curse. 

5 - There actually is a place in the UK called The Wallops. I found this out after I completed the book. Who’d have guessed?

6 - And a 'for free bonus point' - I rewrote Renata to look like the lady on the cover. She has the right bitchy attitude, all I needed was to change the hair colour. :)

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Regina Ang said...

So, I have just finished reading out loud Welcome to the Wallops to my wife as a bedtime ritual (she says this is better than any sleeping pill!). Now that we have reached the end of the story, we want to find out more about Wendy! When will she be making an appearance? We sure hope soon as we'd have to find another story in the meantime!

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