Sunday, 17 January 2016

Dirty Girls of Lesbos - Part two

Part two.

Thanks for being patient. The holiday season and all the raucousness that goes with it got in the way of posting this.

So simple it's stylish!
 I want to conclude with an update on the Dirty Girls. As you probably realise, it couldn't carry on the way it was, with people like me washing bag after bag from an ever growing mountain that was threatening to collapse Alison's porch. Things had to change. After all, this is the 21st century. So change they did, big time.

Alison got all Girl Power (with some boy helpers too) and set up Dirty Girls of Lesbos Island. She acquired funding and now the discarded laundry is all done in the local laundromats. This means lots more cleaning can be done, money goes back into the depressed local economy, and Susan Sarandon comes to visit - all as planned. Clever Alison.
Susan Sarandon is so useless at matching socks she was sent home.

This blog is a simple one. Here a few pics of the girls at work and a link to their facebook page so you can follow, encourage, and support what they do.

Teddy has a clean up too so somene else can love him.

They are a happy bunch doing a simple, sensible, economically and ecologically clever thing, namely recycling. And recycling in a way that the benefit is immediate to the next boat of freezing bedraggled people arriving on the beach.

Thanks for reading.

Dirty Girls can be found on Facebook at

And please look at this: You can choose the language for subtitles.

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