Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Tea Machine

It's all go here. My blog has sucked in some oxygen and lurched itself upright again.

Right on top of my previous post I have this to tell you - my new book - a Steampunk time travel story - is now available through the Ylva online shop super duper early. Much sooner than Amazon for instance.

What's it about, you ask. Well, imagine The Importance of Being Ernest meets the Kracken and you're half way there.

It is about simple things, like friendship and life and laughter. 
It is the story of a love that never dies…except it does, over and over again.

London 1862, and Millicent Aberly, spinster by choice, has just found her future love—in the future! She meddled with her brother’s time machine and has been catapulted into an alternative world where the Roman Empire has neither declined nor fell. In fact, it has gone on to annex most of the known universe.
Millicent is rescued from Rome’s greatest enemy, the giant space squid, by Sangfroid, a tough and wily centurion who, unfortunately, dies while protecting her. Wracked by guilt and a peculiar fascination for the woman soldier, Millicent is determined to return in time and save Sangfroid from her fatal heroics. Instead, she finds her sexy centurion has stowed away to her own timeline. And Sangfroid is not alone; several other stowaways have come along with her.
Soon Millicent’s mews house is overrun with Roman space warriors and giant squid. It is all very upsetting.
I tip my hat at some old childhood favourites here. H.G. Wells, The Time Machine, obviously. H. Rider Haggard's She, even Moby Dick gets a look in. I loved writing it and I think it shows.
I hope you enjoy reading it, too.


Michelle Aguilar said...

Just been having fun writing up press materials for you, m'dear, and looking forward to getting to read this. Had a glimpse of the first two chapters and it looks super fun.

Where did you ever come up with the idea for this one?

Not much to say really... said...

Hi M :)

It's a mishmash of all my old favs, like obviously HG Wells, and Rider Haggard, Lovecraft, and all sorts for freaky B movies, too. Basically, I had a lot of fun.