Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Changing with wolves.

I like change. The wind turns when you're sailing so you change tack, and suddenly you're luffing up in a different direction, heading for a new horizon with the wind thumping you in the other ear-hole. I am sailing right now, and Europe is my new horizon.

Set square, compass rose. I go where the bold wind blows.

I like wolves, too, though I've never met a real one, only Weres. (Ireland's full of them). But they keep cropping up, and they always bring me luck. I get wolves; I have the perfect pack mentality. I can run with them, hunt with them, dance with them, and now I get the chance to work with them.
Starting from April 2015 I'll be a Project Manger with Ylva Publishing, the she-wold of Frankfurt. I'll be publishing with them, too. So there'll still be wolves on my book covers, only white ones. I'd love for you all to sail along with me on this new adventure, and if not, then wave to me from time to time from over the sea.


Pam said...

Best Of Luck in your new publishing home! I look forward to reading your next title!

Not much to say really... said...

Thank you so much for you good wishes. I am nervous and extremely excited all at the same time, but it feels like the right thing to do.

Adrienne said...

Best Wishes. Do you already have a title for your first work with Ylva Publishing?


Not much to say really... said...

Hey Adrienne. How are you? I do have a mss I'm working on for a November 2015 release. It's called The Tea Machine, it has a lesbian Steampunk/Victorian England vibe, with time travel to places with big hunky women centurions and steam powered lions in the gladiator arena. And lots and lots of tea. You won't be able to read it without wanting a sponge finger. :)

Anonymous said...

Will change of publisher bring about release of Garoul No 5

please :d

Not much to say really... said...

Yes.The Garoul clan has not gone away. :)

Anonymous said...


Happy to hear that the Garoul Stories are going to continue!
Goog continuation in your new position and House Edition in Europe and Enjoy Frankfurt!
( Piece of Advice: go watch the FFC Frankfurt ;)