Monday, 23 January 2012

Ah ha- look what I got.

Just got this from BSB. 
Release date December.
Now all I gotta do is write it.


Cindy King (CK) said...

get writin' - can't wait!

Not much to say really... said...

I'm scribblin', I'm scribblin'.

Kathrine Peirce said...

YES!!! i cant wait!! i love your books so much. December is so far away!!

Evecho said...

ooo pressure ;)

Anonymous said...


OOooohhh ! I'm dyyyYYYYYyyying! I can't wait that long!

(Oh! But if you're still writing.... more Hope & Jolie! Do we get to see my favorite antisocial moonpuppy have herself a lil' 'ol meltdown when she finds out her Hope was humannapped?)

Aideen said...

December?? I know what I'll be treating myself to for my birthday :)