Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cool Side of the Pillow

I’ve just finished the edits for Cool Side of the Pillow. The release date is August 2011 and it’s a BSB Aeros ebook, though it is available as a paperback for those of us stuck in a tar pit. I think BSB are taking orders (not the ecumenical kind) as I type, but then again I could also be lying as I type, who knows. Someone go look and tell me.

Cool Side is a light hearted romantic romp with other fripperies, not a hairy werewolf girl in sight. That’s for later.

So, if you’re in the mood for something a little less hirsute please consider for your summer reading. Oh, and there’s a parrot. A darling parrot.


Mike H said...

"Cool Side is a light hearted romantic romp". I wonder if you realize just how high you set the bar with your last rom-com "Ambereye". I am so looking forward to this. My morning and evening train commute will be so much more pleasant for the days I will be reading this.

Not much to say really... said...

Hello there Mike, how are you doing? Now remember that A'eye was a bit slapstick and farcical, and also that I have never set or been a standard for anything in my life :)
I like this new one though, I think it shows signs of improvement, but then every book creeps a little bit further along that learning curve.IMO that is :)
Hope it lives up to the promise of a happier work commute - that is a tall order!

Evecho said...

It's a Gill M story. Must read. Won't be disappointed.