Monday, 19 April 2010

Wind & Bones by Kristin Marra

Women, funerals, guns, and rattlesnakes. What could go wrong?

Jill O’Hara, award-winning journalist and inveterate egotist, is about to find out. When Jill is summoned to her hometown Prairie View, Montana, to bury her father and clean up his messes, she assumes a few tedious days of signing papers and delegating responsibilities will complete her obligations. But Jill's duties as Dean O'Hara's daughter soon become less mundane and more menacing. To complicate matters, Jill’s first love, Annie Doyle, lives in Prairie View and despite Annie’s blistering past betrayal, Jill still desires her. Fortunately, Sheriff Rae Terabian, a woman with a uniform, power, and shady associates, deliciously distracts Jill from her obsession with Annie.

Amidst her customary confusion over women, Jill is forced to confront her father’s treacherous legacy, battle the extremes of the northern Montana wilds, and face down survivalists bent on silencing her. Despite the remote location and severe peril, she discovers the possibility for one more chance at love.
~ ~ ~
Once upon a time I needed a beta reader – and behold I found one, a great one in fact, through the volunteer pages at the Athenaeum. Kristin and I hit it off from the start, and she beta’d what later became Green Eyed Monster. And because turnaround is fair play I offered to look at her writing, too. No sooner had I prised the manuscript out of her shy, but curiously steely fingers, than I knew I was looking at something special. I loved it! The style, the plot, the characterisation - and it was miles better than any of my nonsense.

It took a lot of outright bullying to persuade Kristin to send her manuscript to Jennifer Fulton at BSB, but luckily I’m a great bully and she did. The result is out next month.

Wind & Bones by Kristin Marra is a fabulous debut novel, and is released by Bold Strokes Books in May 2010. I whole-heartedly recommend it to you. This is an author I look forward to reading again and again, and I know you will, too - plus the cover has the sexiest knees ever.


Jove Belle said...

I got my copy this weekend and am looking forward to reading it. Awesome cover and how can you go wrong with women and guns? I mean, really, that's a recipe for success if ever there was one.

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