Friday, 25 September 2009

The Reading Group.

Hi all, apparently a few readers here in London have got together and formed a reading group for my books. It’s a massive honour. Their chairwoman has been kind enough to supply me with the minutes so you can feel as if you are part of it as well.

Minutes for meeting of 090909
Chosen book – Falling Star.

Ruth - Right ladies, this is the first meeting of the Complete Works of Gill McKnight Reading Group. Perhaps we should start by introducing ourselves, lets go clockwise starting with me. Hello group, I’m Ruth and I’m a librarian and I’ve been a fan of lesfic for nearly twenty years. I’ve read almost everything out there. Some good, some bad, but most in the middle…somewhere.

Ellis - Hi. I’m Ellis and I’m a sociology student and I mostly read XnG fanfic and Uber and buy lesfic when I have the money. I haven’t read much lesfic at all really but Ruth works at the Uni library and asked me to come along and fill up seats.

Ruth - I thought you were genuinely interested!

Ellis - Well, I am. You said there’d be free books and coffee, and maybe Gill McKnight might pop in for a talk.

Ruth - I asked her. But apparently she lives in Greece and England and Ireland and god knows where else. The woman’s a gypsy. Has no idea where she’ll be next week never mind in a few months time. You’d think she’d never heard of a filofax. Who’s next?

Benson - I’m Benson. I'm a brickie and I live next door to Ruth. I don’t read much but I owe her a favour for looking after my cat so I came along. What’s XnG?

Ellis - Xena and Gabrielle.

Benson - That hasn’t been on telly for years.

Ellis - They do conventions and TV reruns all the time and there’s going to be a movie—

Benson - They’re a bit old now to be in a movie.

Dreamcatcher - They’ll probably use body doubles and Vaseline the lens.

Benson - Who are you?

Dreamcatcher - I’m Dreamcatcher Firedance, and I would just like to say we shouldn’t be doing this clockwise. Where wimmin energy gathers things should always go in a witherskins direction.

Benson - You wot?

Dreamcatcher - Witherskins. Anticlockwise. Contrary to the movement of the sun because we are children of the moo—

Ruth - Look, we’ve started now. Lets just bang on and get the introductions over with.

Dreamcatcher - Can we agree to go witherskins for all other business?

Ruth - All in favour of witherskins for all other business say Aye.

All - Aye.

Ruth - Good. Perhaps we can carry on with the introductions now. And you are?

JB - I’m JB and this is my partner Cecilia.

JB and Cecilia - Hi.

JB - And we both love lesfic. In fact we met at a group just like this.

Ellis - That’s nice. Was it a Gill McKnight group?

JB and Cecilia - No.

Cecilia - We don’t really like her, but the Karin Kallmaker group was full.

JB - It alternates between KK and Radclyffe every other year. So we chose this instead. It was either this or yoghurt making.

Cecilia - And I'm allergic to milk products but not nuts.

JB and Cecilia - We like doing things together.

Ruth - Lovely. Next.

Martha - Hmm. Hmm. I’m Martha. And I’m very shy. And my therapist told me to join a group like this and meet other people and voice my opinions. Hmm.

Ruth - What’s that? Speak up, I can’t hear you.

Martha - I’m here because I love Gerri Hill. Hmm.

Ellis - This is a group for Gill McKnight, not Gerri Hill.

Martha - Oh.

Ruth - How could you mistake Gill McKnight for Gerri Hill? Hills work is much better.

Martha - Well, I’m here now…

Ruth - Right, introductions done. Lets get on with it. Falling Star was McKnight’s first book in July 2008. Ellis, what did you make of the dichotomy between—

Dreamcatcher - I thought we agreed we were going witherskins.

Ellis - I haven’t read it yet. You were to lend me your copy, remember?

Benson - There’s a man at the door tapping his watch. I think they want the room back.

Ruth - What? Good grief, the hours up already? Okay group. Next week we’ll discuss McKnight’s Falling Star. Please be prepared. If you can’t find a copy online look in the bargain bucket at our local gay bookstore, Paperback Biter. Good evening and thank you all for coming.

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Cate said...

Dear Ruth:

Please consider providing refreshments at the next meeting of the Complete Works of Gill McKnight Reading Group. As you know, Ms. McKnight sends every reader who buys one of her books a half-pound of peanut brittle. This increases her sales dramatically! Peanut brittle and several bottles of alcoholic beverage will make your next meeting a roaring success. Cheers!