Thursday, 21 May 2009



A week in Paradise - with the ex girlfriend from Hell.
Winifred Martin has a new job, new found confidence, and a fantastic new lover. In fact, after a heart wrenching break up Win has a whole new life.
Benedikte (Benny) Fiske has also sold up and moved on – to a wonderful Greek island where she can invest in herself again, and find peace and quiet.

When Win arrives at her luxurious boutique hotel for a week of sun and sex with her glamorous new girlfriend, she is stunned to find her ex girlfriend, Benny, is the proprietor.
Benny, too, is equally shocked to find Win doing so well and looking so gorgeous...far too gorgeous.
But Benny knows Win is not really happy. And Benny knows Win is wasting her time on this vacuous new lover. In fact, Benny has a lot of
opinions on Win and her new life – the strongest being Benny should be back in it.

Nestled in the beautiful Aegean on an island blessed by Eros, the God of Love himself, Benny finds no lack of inspiration in her quest to woo back her lost love. Her methods however, are the stuff myths are made of.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, funnily enough, here I am on a beautiful Aegean island blessed by Eros, the God of Love himself…well, maybe Sappho, rather than Eros. And I am a picture of sapphic loveliness with my sun burned nose.

But I have emerged from my sun-drenched, honeybee stupor to let you all know my latest novel is on the way. It will be out this July, in the height of summer – how appropriate.
Written over the wet UK winter it reflects my longing to be back here under my lopsided pergola with my laptop on my knee. It was a fun story to write, and is the usual mixture of romcom froth and nonsense.


Anonymous said...

With the duck weather we've been having here, a romcom is just what's needed. That and chocolate.

Cate said...

In spite of my insane jealousy re your island paradise, I'm looking forward to Erosistable -- Benny and Win are fantastic.