Saturday, 22 November 2008

Catch Up

Well – lots has been happening since I started to ignore this blog.

Green Eyed Monster comes out on 16th December, and has been forwarded to Lambda for consideration in their prestigious 2008 awards. So that’s all happily going on in the background, where I like to keep things.
I like GEM a lot. It was great fun to write and I spent ages with the plot line trying to make it devious enough without frying anyone’s synapses. It covers a ton o’ stuff, from corporate money laundering, to kidnapping and piracy, and is probably very topical for today’s financial markets.
Here’s a littler taster to intrigue you –

"Can you see anything? What if we’ve lost her? What if she’s running from us? That’s not her usual course. Why do you think she’s heading north today? Should we follow?" Ginette asked.
"No, I can’t see anything, but I can hear something."
"Oh? What?"
"You," Victoria snapped, lowering her binoculars. "Will you stop yammering in my ear for one second so I can focus?"
Ginette sniffed indignantly from behind the wheel of the hired powerboat. "So you can’t multitask? Can’t look and listen. Good thing you’re only tracking the woman who stole your illicit millions. Heaven forbid you were trying to cross a road."
"Got her. Two clicks north." Victoria was peering intently through the lens again.
"Two clicks? We’re in the Caribbean, not 'Nam. What the hell does two clicks mean?"
Without breaking her link with the binoculars, Victoria pointed exasperatedly in the direction she wanted the boat to steer. With a vicious spin on the wheel, Ginette hid a grin as Victoria lost her balance and thumped inelegantly down onto the seat beside her.
Their small powerboat bounced over the waves, intent on following the sleek, white yacht at a discreet distance.

My newest effort, Goldenseal, is a departure from the romcom genre – in that it’s a paranormal romance, and is scheduled for a September ‘09 release.
What can I tell you about it that will not give the plot away? Well, it’s set in Oregon and it’s about lesbians and werewolves...damn. That might be a little too much. Go read the Lycanthropy 101 – The Romans post so you’ll be better prepared. A little background reading never did anyone any harm.

This is the first in a series, the second, Ambereye, is already in the pipeline but I’ll tell you more about that later.
I’m just happy to introduce the reader into the world of the Garouls. I hope you enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

ooo can't wait.

Xenia Alexiou said...

Just finished Green Eyed Monster and I gotta say that aside from the fact that I very much enjoyed it, I also laughed so f#*$ing hard, I ended up with a splitting headache. I think Ginette just rocked my world.
Thanks for a hell of an entertaining afternoon.
Σου ευχομαι καλο Σαββατοκυριακο,
Ξενια Αλεξιου
Xenia Alexiou
PS This book should come with asprin.