Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Read These Lips

Ages ago, when I posted my first fanfic, Two Weeks at Wandanna Beach, which later went on to be published as Falling Star, by Bold Stroke Books. I was invited to take part in a innovative concept. A professionally produced e-anthology of current lesbian writing to be produced and distributed pro bono.

It was called Read These Lips: Openings, and the inventive mind behind this enterprise was evecho. She had also managed to shanghai a pretty impressive team to join her, namely, Linda Lorenzo, Rene Strider, and Ann Dunan. Ergo, it was a no brainer...I was in.

Actually as a brand new writer I couldn't believe my luck. A professional edit of my work and worldwide exposure? The idea is simple, if the book is free, then any woman anywhere can access it.

Because RTL won’t claim any rights over your work, I was able to submit my Flowergirl piece to a Cleis Press anthology several months later, and that became my first printed short story. Thanks in no small measure to Linda’s great editing.

So, after that experience, I’d say to any aspiring writers out there, look closely at RTL and similar. (Though you’ll be hard pressed to find similar).
It is a superb springboard for your talent. A fantastically dedicated team, exposure to an audience your work might previously have missed, and a confidence booster that could spur you on to anything. It’s a splendid learning curve.

Now RTL2: Second Helpings is out there. I am not in this one but I wish I was. There are some stunning contributions from authors I would love to be listed alongside.

So, if you write, go check it out. Already there is a flurry of activity for RTL3. No surprise there. Told’s a no brainer.

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Anonymous said...

It was our pleasure to have you in Openings, G.