Monday, 7 July 2008

Falling Star

Falling Star is due for release from Bold Stroke Books on 15th July. I’m getting excited now.
After the edit I put it away and concentrated on other writing, but a few days ago I went back to it with fresh eyes. And I was very pleased.
Jennifer Knight did a great content edit. This was my first full length manuscript and it was very, very rough. Full of all the mistakes you get from an enthusiastic but clumsy newbie. She taught me a lot about style and polish. And, most importantly, to be daring. Sometimes you have to jump in and pull your work apart to make a better story. Nothing daunts me now. I self edit like a Great White these days.
God is in the detail, and Stacia Seaman was my copy editor. I envisage her in a halo. Again I picked up a load of tips, clues, and info that can only help me improve. All happily and unselfishly given.
I love Sheri’s stylish pastiche on pulp fiction covers. It’s warm and painterly, welcoming and fun. It sums up the contents beautifully. I wanted to produce a warm, fun filled book, and the cover depicts those sentiments perfectly. It’s a clever piece of work.
The BSB team were great to work with. Their wonderful professionalism and pride in what they do made what could be a fraught process not only a pleasure, but a fantastic learning curve.
I sincerely thank them all.

As a taster I have added a little snippet from Falling Star. The premise is simple. It’s a romance over a summer holiday. Gin is staying with her friends, Janie and Marsha, at their beach house. Solley, Janie’s sister, and her kids are there holidaying, too. Solley’s relationship is on the rocks and she needs room to unwind. This scene depicts Gin’s growing attraction to the stressed out young mother...

‘Nice calves. Gin observed the musculature with a professional eye. Nice hamstrings and glutes, too. Her gaze traveled across the toned skin to the intimate shadow between Solley’s thighs. Gin swallowed hard. Her captivation puzzled her. So did the increasing awkwardness she felt around Solley. Normally, Gin wasn’t the type to encroach on another’s personal space, but she found herself drawn to Solley, eager for a smile or a word. Seeking out the spark of the real woman buried under the crushing anxiety Solley seemed determined to carry alone.
Gin wanted to help, to win this woman’s trust, but instead felt she had failed her somehow. Perhaps she was being overly sensitive because Solley seemed to be mad at her most of the time. She had a right to be upset about her sons, but Gin sensed there was more to her prickly mood than the minor injuries her children had sustained.
She backed up a step, all too aware of spying on Solley as she puttering about in the kitchen baking cookies for her kids. Imagine if she were caught. How would she explain herself?
I’m like a moth. I know I could watch her like this forever…
She was so engrossed she didn’t notice Janie helping a stiff and sore Marsha along the veranda until she met their mystified stares. They peered past her to see what culinary spectacle had caught her attention. A blissfully unaware Solley was still bent over the oven.
Gin gave a tight, polite smile and quickly walked away. Her escape wasn’t fast enough. Janie and Marsha’s voices carried as they trailed after her.
“Was Gin checking out my sister’s ass?” Janie sounded shocked.
“Please,” Marsha muttered, “even I check out your sister’s ass.”’

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