Friday, 26 October 2007

Comic influences:

I've always loved comics. I was one of those kids that rushed home from every Monday via the local newsagents to collect my weekly Dandy mag. It was the only thing that made Mondays habitable to a pre teen school hater. One of my favourite characters was Korky the Kat and I've had a fondness for black cats ever since.

But later I was lucky to be around in an era when exciting things were emerging in comic art. Strong new female heroes. And I don't mean those titified Supergirl or Batgirl Twinkettes...I mean blood and bone, head butt, kick your ass anti-heroes like Halo Jones and Tank Girl and best of all the sublime Martha Washington.

It meant I witnessed an art form I loved and appreciated grow alongside me; and saw it uniquely blend in with the culture and politics surrounding it. Especially the anarchic Tank Girl, a British punk art concept.

Next time you browse Amazon or ebay or wherever you blow your surplus pennies, see if you can pick up some second hand issues. They're not lesbian or gay (I've links over on the side for that), it's just good fun, and I bet you fall a little bit in love with at least one of the gals.
Go poke around and enjoy.

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