Thursday, 13 September 2007

Falling Star

Solley Rayner hopes a few weeks with her family will help heal her shattered dreams, but she hasn’t counted on meeting a woman who stirs her heart.

With her marriage in crisis, Solley Rayner brings her children to her sister Janie and partner Marsha’s beach house for a much-needed summer break. But all hopes of rest and relaxation are interrupted when a movie stunt crew arrives to film a blockbuster in the bay.

Professional stuntwoman Gin Ito, a paparazzi favorite rumored to be a killer in bed, heads up the team of daredevils. When Gin literally drops into Solley’s life, how could the lonely young mother’s interest not be piqued? And as for Gin Ito, what private pain draws her inexorably toward the small family and the woman who protects it with the fierceness of a lioness.


Not much to say really... said...

lets see if this thingy works...ah ha!

jasper said...

This is so great I just wanted to tell you again how proud of you that I am.


Georgi said...

Congrats Gil on a great achievement - may this be the first of many great novels!!

All the best

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Gill. You are a fantastic writer & will undoubtedly be the brightest star of 2008. I'm so very proud of you! (and oh so proud to know you)

Love & Unmentionables,
Amy aka Shasa

Anonymous said...

Better late than too late - Congratulations, Gill. I know you worked your arse off for this.