Friday, 20 July 2012

The bats have left the bell tower

Tis done!
Silver Collar is now in the capable hands of my editor Cindy Cresap (All hail), and will be available this December in time for the Christmas shopping stampede. Be sure to stomp somebody special this Yuletide to get your copy. Or, if you are of a gentler disposition, order now and then forget about it and have a lovely surprise later. Happens to me all the time.
I'll be reading from Silver Collar at the Nottingham BSB event on 4th -5th August. That's Nottingham UK, not Nottingham New Hampshire, or Nottingham Maryland, or even Nottingham Pennsylvania. Wouldn't want you to get all excited for nothing.

Oh good Lord...

...has it been January since I last visited this blog! That’s what happens when you’re a reclusive, privacy obsessed, curmudgeonly socio-path. How lovely.
But alas I am not alone. I am never alone; I have the BSB staff poking me with sticks regularly to see if I am still alive. They even have a special poke stick for the job; it’s called Author Alert. If I squeak they leave me in peace for another while, but they’ll be back. They always come back.

Vic Oldham has been especially strident in the author alert department these past few weeks. I look at the calendar and I-know-wants-going-on. It’s the BSB Nottingham gig. Every year I am more and more impressed with the sponsorship, the venues, the attendance, and the general bonhomie of the thing. I have made several good friends at this event (of course I don’t tell them I’m their friend, I know, and that’s enough).

So, I am packed, and booked, and all scrubbed clean, and sitting here on the edge of my bed with my suitcase waiting-for-it-to-happen. I even have the agenda,

Author alert in motion, that’s me.

I shall be reading from Silver Collar, the fourth Garoul book. As it isn’t out until December I’m printing off some of the mss pages to read from. Now, this is only the draft and it has not felt the wrath of my editor, Cindy Cresap, as yet. So be aware, if you buy the book and it looks nothing like what I read to you, that’s called editing. And I am not responsible that you have had to listen to tripe at Notts.

So, be there if you’re UK based. Nottingham has the pleasure of being either in the middle of nowhere, or halfway to everywhere depending on how you look at it. Meet me halfway for a fun weekend.