Friday, 5 February 2016

Guess the Guest...No! It's KD Williamson!

Today my random guest blogger and fellow author plucked from the maw of the general public is...K.D. Williamson. Now you don't have to guess.
Take it away K.D.

Words on Paper

Growing up in the South, Arkansas to be exact, I did my best to lay low. This wasn’t easy Blurred-Lines-by-KD-Williamsonbecause I was weird, smart, and black. I tried to fit in with one click or another, and I made some good friends who accepted me along the way. Also, I met quite a few mean girls as well. That’s a story for another day perhaps.
Regardless, all through high school, I was the consummate student. Most people, unless you really knew me, didn’t know I existed at all. I liked it that way. It wasn’t until my English class, sophomore year, that I came out of my shell with the help of my teacher and made a huge discovery.
I could write.
Well, yeah obviously I was in 10th grade (Newport High School), but you get what I mean.
It was a harmless little writing exercise with prompts and everything, and I chose to illuminate my experience at JROTC camp where I repelled off a fifty foot building ass over tea kettle--okay I was pushed off because I was scared shitless—semantics. After I read my paragraph out loud, my classmates were looking at me like I was the weirdo I knew myself to be. Then, the teacher and my peers began telling me how good it was.
They were just words on a piece of lined paper. I stared at them and read it over and over again to the point where I damn near missed the other assignments. Can’t have that---honor student and all. The more I stared at that paper. The more I noticed a unique spin of adjectives and other words that helped the audience feel my fear and relive the hilarity.
I felt special. I had a talent. Didn’t care too much about mean girls anymore, but good movie!
Didn’t do a damn thing with it for years except write papers in college on the works Chaucer, John Milton, Zora Neal Hurston, and so on.
As an adult, I started to take writing seriously again. It didn’t come to me easy. I consider myself a binge writer. I don’t plod away. I have more of a tendency to explode. I made a big boom somehow and ended up with my first book published in 2009.
Here I am again. I exploded once more and Blurred Lines, Book One in the Cops and Docs Series, was  born thanks to Ylva Publishing. What resulted? Two incredibly strong women who have been through the ringer one way or another, but they kept moving whether it was forward, backwards, or sideways.
Kelli McCabe is someone you want to have a beer with because you know she will have it coming out of your nose because of laughing so hard. When the night is over, she’ll get you home safe and sound. The next day though, she will tease the shit out of you and ask you to do it all over again. The kicker is---you will.
Then, there is Nora. At first glance, she appears to be someone that needs protection. However, upon a closer look, yeah she can be fragile, but she’s used to holding her own against everyone who sees her as some mindless automaton. She knows who she is or thinks that she does.
When these two meet and clash, neither one of them come out of it the same.
If you want to get to know these ladies and their rag tag entourage, Blurred Lines is available for pre-order on Ylva, but it will be officially available elsewhere on February 3rd.
Special thanks to Gill McKnight for allowing me to borrow her space for a little while. Feel free to check out my space
Kelli McCabe is a no-nonsense detective with a tough exterior. Only a select few know her as a loyal, loving friend. Committed to her family, her friends, and her job, Kelli puts her needs behind everyone else’s.
As a surgeon, Nora Whitmore is used to being in control. The hospital is her life and leaves room for little else. Respected by her colleagues, but misunderstood by the residents, Nora takes what she needs and keeps everyone at arm’s length. In the process, she creates unexpected enemies.
Tragedy brings them together. As chaos grows around them, the lines between them begin to blur. Despite being from different worlds, friendship grows between them, turning quickly to attraction. Will these two strong, independent women find a way to deal with their individual baggage? Or will they be overcome by it?

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Let Them Read Cake

Cake. People love it. So, I wrote a book about it. A novella, actually, about a pastry chef and a life coach who meet at a wedding. You can read more about that down there in the blurb.
When it comes to food, there is a huge imbalance of resources in the world. Some people have an excess. They have all the food they could want, including cake. Others have food available, but it’s all the wrong kinds. Then, there is a staggering amount of people with very limited access to food of any kind.
Since writing a book dedicated entirely to dessert, that last group has weighed heavily on my mind. I worry about people. I worry about the ones living in my home, and I worry about the ones living on the other side of the world with no homes of their own. And I worry about everyone in between.
As I’m sure everyone knows by now, Europe has been hit with a steady stream of refugees, primarily from Syria. They travel by sea from Turkey to the shores of Lesvos, the Greek island where my friend (and host for this blog) Gill McKnight lives. From there, they make their way to mainland Greece and into Europe.
And all those people need to eat.
That’s where World Food Programme comes in. World Food Programme, or WFP, is a not-for-profit organization that is administered by the United Nations. They provide food vouchers to refugees, which they can then redeem at participating local markets and vendors.

Their overall mission is simple: Zero Hunger.

The website helps people to understand what hunger really is, and how it affects different people in different ways, depending upon the resources available to them. They also have a nifty Hunger Map that shows the distribution of food resources through the world.
So, while I really hope you read Cake, more than that I hope you’ll go visit WFP. Maybe consider making a donation. For my part, I will donate 10% of my royalties from the sale of Cake to WFP. At the sake of sounding cheesy, together we can solve this problem.


A sexy romance about two women, one inconvenient wedding, and a shared love of cake.

Kelly and Elana’s relationship is a recipe for disaster. First, they meet at a wedding, and that never works. Second, Kelly’s older brother is marrying Elana’s ex-lover. And third, Elana is still painfully, undeniably in love with said ex.
When it comes to other people’s lives, Elana Verdad is an expert. As a licensed psychologist and life coach, she helps people overcome obstacles. Her own life, on the other hand, is a disaster. Her lover left her for a man, so she drove over his mailbox accidentally on purpose. Now, not only did the judge take away her driver’s license, he also assigned her to community service at the local women’s prison. In what may be her worst idea ever, Elana decides to crash their wedding.
Kelly Miller may not understand her brother’s rush to marry his girlfriend, but when he asks her to bake his wedding cake, it’s not as if she can refuse. She’s in the catering business after all. At the wedding, she meets a beautiful, complicated, and seriously damaged woman. Although Kelly knows it’s crazy, she’s drawn to her nonetheless.
Despite the reasons they shouldn’t be together, there’s still an undeniable something between them. All they need is a chance to enjoy their slice of the cake.

Jove Belle...

...has been a part of the lesbian fiction publishing community for almost a decade.
In addition to being an author and editor, Jove is a founding member and co-admin of the popular lesbian fiction blog Women and Words. She also works as a consultant with Book Enthusiast Promotions, an online marketing company for fiction authors, and as Operations Director US for Ylva Publishing.

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